Hello Nicaragua! Or as I like to call it, “Land of Nineteen Volcanoes”. Neighboring Costa Rica, I occasionally take trips here on the weekend to experience a different culture and atmosphere. But this country would be an outstanding vacation for anyone to take! It’s cheap, which is the best part. One beer costs $1! And it’s not just beer that’s cheap. Stay in a very nice hotel for only $50 a night or opt for a hostel at $8. You can’t go wrong. It’s so beautiful too, when you consider the landscape. It’s home to giant Lake Nicaragua which is home to a few volcanoes of its own. On Lake Nicaragua is the city of Granada, the oldest colonial settlement in Central America. To the West is San Juan del Sur with a giant statue of Jesus overlooking the party-goers as they surf through the night. Don’t know where to take your next vacation? Try here! You won’t be disappointed.


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