I haven’t been able to sleep all night so here’s a ridiculous post about watermelon and other crazy things


I lost my credit card for my bank in Costa Rica.

Yeah, what a pain in the ass that is. I have to go back to the store I was at yesterday to see if they have it. I think they open around 6 so I’ll take a walk, that’s in about an hour.

I’ve been up all night, I have no idea why. I wasn’t worrying about it or anything. I have confidence I’ll be able to either find it or just get a new one soon. I just can’t sleep tonight.

Wanna know what I bought with the card?

This is where things get crazy.

I bought 9 small watermelons. For $5!

And that’s not even the crazy part! I had to carry them all about 8 blocks back to my apartment. They were heavy as hell!

I’m totally addicted, they’re delicious. I’ve always loved watermelon, but not like this.

Over the past few days I’ve eaten 3 whole watermelons. Not the small ones I just bought! I mean big ones. And the benefits are there. I have so much energy and I’m feeling better than I’ve felt during my time in Costa Rica.

But who the hell eats that much watermelon? I do. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

When I got back with the 9 watermelons, I washed one of those suckers off and put the whole damn thing in a blender. I’m talking about the skin, too. The green part. The rind. People will say that’s disgusting. I don’t care. Look it up on the internet, it’s totally edible and with plenty of benefits. Think of it like a cucumber!
Anyway after it came out of the blender, it was lacking something. I’ve been eating really healthy lately so I threw some yogurt in there and mashed all that up. I personally hate the smell of yogurt, even if it had some watermelon flavor to it, so I added one more thing. Peanut butter. Do I look like I care what you think? Hell no.

That smoothie was unbelievably healthy and delicious. I was a happy man.

So there’s your recipe. It’s not even Costa Rican, it’s just from a random guy who likes to experiment. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

What else can I talk about?

I don’t know, more quick updates:

I have an unbelievable relationship with my students. I know they trust me and I’m there for them. I love that dedication from teacher to student. We joke and laugh a lot but we get serious about learning English. Then after we learn, we talk about crazy things like eating tarantulas and taking a date to the moon for a romantic dinner and where to find an iguana delicacy in the area. The topic depends on the lesson.

I’ve been working out a lot here. I’ve been going strong for about a month now, but I’m starting to get really serious with it. Healthy diet and everything. The only problem right now is that I can’t sleep and I’m hurting my energy and health. Oh well, I’ll fix it by tomorrow.

Anyway, until next time.

I’m really starting to ramp up my travel thoughts and gain some inspiration so look out. This watermelon has me on an energy kick and I feel like things are about to get even more interesting in this crazy life. Stay tuned.

John DeSarno


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