My Favorite Places in the World (And Why You Should Visit Them) Part 1/2

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Hey, thanks for reading this blog! I have a few projects going on right now and I often get caught up in those messes, but I always find comfort taking the time to write and post pictures and talk about my passions. It’s nice knowing that people care enough to read and in lots of cases, ask questions about what I’m doing and how it is. So first of all, thank you, because it means a lot.

I’ll do a top 10. Every travel blogger does this. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past reading about the “best destinations in the world” or “Some Guy’s top 5 places to visit” and they’re always different and they’re always interesting.  So, maybe someone will want to read mine. It’s something I love to talk about because I love it when people get inspired to get up and go. It’s what inspired me. So here we go!

10. Disney World, Florida

Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld, Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

I bet you didn’t see this one coming.

Why love Disney? Why not love Disney? No, it’s not the typical destination you think about when you think about “traveling”. It’s a family-fun and friendly environment that’s a little fake and very pricey. It’s not a new culture to those in the USA (excluding Epcot). It’s just a theme park in Orlando, Florida.

So why is it number 10?

I have extremely vivid memories of going here numerous times as a child with my family. It used to be a regular thing, visiting this place. Anyone who’s been here will tell you how wonderful it is. It’s no secret, Disney World has its own unique atmosphere that truly makes you believe in the imaginative spirit. It engages the mind, it opens you to new worlds, and it gives you a lot to think about. Every child should visit Disney, and everyone should go at least once. Where do you think I got my inspiration to travel? I owe a lot of that to Disney. For that, it’s my number 10.

And thanks mom, for taking me so many times. It was great. I know you’re reading.

9. Nicaragua


This is a little biased. I live 2 hours from the border of this magnificent country. But it’s given me some truly great times. I keep returning for a reason. It’s cheap, beautiful, and the locals are some really fun people. I’ve only been to the south of the country. Only the south, with its magnificent volcanoes, giant lakes, surf towns, and colonial cities. There is plenty to do here, and for dollar beers, how could you go wrong? Check out Granada and San Juan del Sur. The first of those is the oldest colonial city in Central America, and at one point Captain Morgan had control of it. Walking the colorful streets of Granada is like a time machine back to Spain during the era of conquest. That’s quite different than San Juan del Sur, which is a crazy beach town geared towards party-goers and surfers. Overlooking the beach here is a giant statue of Jesus, reflecting how much Nicos (Nicaraguans) take pride in their Catholicism.

8. Monument Valley, Utah


Spooky Monument Valley, what more do I have to say? You’re driving through the desert of Utah and Arizona with nothing around for miles and miles, and you’re wondering if you’re lost. The sun starts to set, but in the distance, you see alien-like shapes jutting out of the ground. So you continue towards them, only to be greeted by monoliths standing like giants in the barren desert.  John Wayne took care of some bad dudes here. Forrest Gump ran here. But in reality, the Navajo Indians live here. This is their land. And it’s beautiful. Up the road is the tiny Navajo village of Mexican Hat, named for a small rock that looks like a sombrero. The whole situation is the epitome of Western United States atmosphere. It’s surely one of the most truly unique places in the world. Don’t look for “Monument Valley National or State Park”, though! It belongs to the Navajo Nation and it’s rightfully their park. Definitely an impressive highlight on any road trip through the western desert.

7. Chefchaouen, Morocco


“The Blue City”, nestled comfortably in the mountains of Morocco. The winding blue streets, escalating and descending, make it a perfect place to get lost for a while. You’ll find yourself climbing on buildings in the city or running up some stairs as if it were part of a museum, only to realize that someone lives there and you’re being a typical obnoxious tourist. Maybe you’d like some dinner in a restaurant overlooking the endless sea of blue as the cityscape meets the blue of the sky above. And don’t forget about the mountains surrounding you. And while you’re dining with some refreshing pure mint tea, listen for the call to prayer, as Muslims all over the city take the time out of their day to pray to their God, while you sit there in awe of a culture you may not fully understand. Surrounded by blue, of course.

6. Granada, Spain


The second Granada on this list! This is the first place outside the USA that I’ve ever really fallen in love with. It was the first place in Spain I’ve seen and gotten to know and I was immediately enamored with it. Feel like seeing a flamenco dance? Take your pick, they’re all over the city. You can see one in a cave setting, or just a regular bar, while drinking the purest sangria. Feel like seeing where Christopher Columbus started his journey? Head over the Alhambra for a history lesson on that, and don’t forget to take your camera because the palace is mesmerizing. It’s also the top tourist attraction in Spain, so make sure to call before you go. “Alhambra”, incidentally, is an Arabic name. It means “red palace”, but why doesn’t it have a Spanish name? More history lessons await in Granada, where you can learn all about how the Moors had occupied the city for centuries. Granada is the perfect place to see the fusion of European Spanish and Arabic culture. You’ll never forget it.


Stay tuned for more recommendations of my personal must-see places in the world! The top 5 are coming soon!! I’m excited to talk about them. Thanks again for reading, as always.

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    1. Hi Justice!! Thanks for messaging me!! I hope you’re enjoying the school year, I didn’t know “lujoso” means fancy, make sure to tell your Spanish teacher that! Keep in touch! Tell everyone I said hi from Costa Rica, and it was great hearing from you!


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