“Good luck mother****ers!!!”, or a Collection of Thoughts from Abroad

I just cleaned my apartment. Bugs in Costa Rica are really common, so I occasionally find a few ants making a run for the trash in my room. I’m cool with it, it’s away from my bed and work area so that’s all that really matters to me. Regardless, I try to get rid of them, as most people would.

“Good luck motherfuckers!!!” is what I just said to them as I took the bag of trash and threw it outside on the curb. I already know your advice: don’t keep food in the trash in my room. Sorry! Gotta have my cookies (and beer) at my work desk. I have no sympathy for ants as I do for most other animals or even bugs. There are too many ants in this world. Maybe I’m prejudiced against ants, and that’ll inspire someone to fight for their rights. Maybe that’s justified. Maybe I’m rambling. Next thought:

I’m always busy nowadays. I always have a hobby or work-related assignment I’m doing. And I’m always thinking about what to do next, how to grow myself as a person.

Right now, I’m teaching, writing, and taking (and editing!) pictures. I’m also traveling, managing my money, managing social media, socializing, keeping things organized, keeping up to date on American politics, and trying to stay healthy. Every day, I have to stay on top of all of this and more. I have to sustain it and keep it going, sometimes in Spanish. This is my life now, an explosion of passion, an effort to find my path through life, through the jungle of responsibility.


I found out tonight my uncle had a minor stroke earlier today. My mother called me to tell me the news, and also that he’s totally fine, but I wouldn’t let her get a word in because of my concern. So while I’m out here, away from everyone I love, I have to worry too. I try to be responsible out here and I try to be good to the new people I’ve met, and the new “family” that I have here. But I can’t be in two places at once and sometimes that kills me. I don’t like to think about it so I often ignore it, but still pay attention when I have to like right now.

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. They don’t celebrate that in Costa Rica. They’re just anticipating Christmas. So, at the school I work at, we’re all having a big Thanksgiving get-together. I don’t cook that much here (I have a really small kitchen!) so I’m bringing store-bought ice cream, who could argue with that though? It might not be tradition but it’s delicious!

A big hurricane is on the way. I thought it was going to come tonight, but it’s actually going to hit on Thanksgiving Day. Hurricane Otto, they’re calling it. A question as an English teacher: are we allowed to refer to the hurricane as “he”? My students did that tonight and I didn’t correct them. It’s allowed, I suppose. Food for thought. Enjoy.


I’ve been to Nicaragua twice in the past three weeks, and I’m going again this weekend. Every time, with different people (this teacher included!^ Her favorite color is pink, can you tell?). I’m excited. I have tons of interesting pictures. I met a bunch of new interesting people. There was a really liberal Swedish girl and an older French woman who hates Muslims (NOT COOL), they were both staying in my hostel. We all went back and forth on international politics at 2 o’clock in the morning while I was laying in a hammock. Political opinions aside, that was quite an experience. One I’ll never forget. I’ll write a blog post all about that adventure sometime in the future, with pictures. I just have to get all 1,400 of my pictures in order, first.

Happy Thanksgiving, USA!


John DeSarno


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