Some Thoughts on Photography


I think it goes without saying, to anyone who knows me, that photography has been my ultimate passion for over two years now. So much to the point that I taught myself all kinds of techniques to take the best photo, and developed my eye to capture the best picture I possibly can.

I love the art of it. I love being able to express myself through it, even if I’m not good at that part yet. But most of all, I love documenting things through it, and trying to capture the beauty of places I go.

I strive to do a few things when I travel and take photos.


The first is to take as many photos of as many interesting things as I can. My number one rule in photography is to photograph everything interesting, even if there is no chance it’ll make a good picture. The fact that my interest is sparked and I can acknowledge that is an adrenaline rush in itself.

The second is to frame the shot in the best way I can. The rule: take care of the edges of the photo and the rest will take care of itself. Frame the edges properly into a nice picture people can look at and say “Wow, that’s amazing!” or “Wow that’s so interesting! I wish I could see that, or be there!” Clean it up, make it presentable, and again, keep it interesting. Don’t be lazy with your photography, that’ll make a bad image, and it’ll look sloppy. This is art, remember that! Take your time.


I feel powerful when I hold my camera. I owe a lot of that to Nikon for making unbelievably quality materials but I owe a lot of that to passion too. There is no better time than when I’m walking around with my camera, totally immersed in observing what the world has to offer. Combined with travel, it means my senses are on overload. “What’s that! That’s interesting! I’ve never seen that! Let me capture that with my camera! Wow where am I, what kind of foreign land is this? I bet people would love to see it or know about it! I gotta shoot it before it gets away!” You get the point.


I made my own travel photography page on Facebook. I hope to turn this into a business someday, I’m not going to lie. I have a lot of plans to explore the field. One picture every day, and I hope to find more models, or general subjects to work with. Photos are often more interesting with people in them. It adds a personal dimension, something that people can relate to more than just an empty landscape. Keep it interesting.


But I won’t let that get in the way of my real passion which is collecting moments I see with my own eyes. Forget postcards from exotic destinations, I want to capture what I see and what I live through. That’s another thing that makes photography so beautiful. Little moments that stay with you if you can catch them. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather capture experiences and memories than digital monsters on the side of the road.

I’ve committed to doing that because it makes me happy.

Find what makes you happy and do it.



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