I Just Moved to Costa Rica! Day 3

Waterfall (1 of 1)

But first, yesterday.

I got up not knowing where I was going to sleep that night. I also got up at 3:30 AM, and didn’t go back to sleep until late that night. I was on my phone and computer all morning trying to figure out my predicament. It was Saturday, a busy weekend because of a festival. My current hotel? Booked. I searched others. $109 a night? Keep dreaming.

I literally downloaded AirB&B and sent out a bunch of messages, one to a girl who was from NJ. I got the HostelWorld app, nada. I was so desperate that I downloaded Couchsurfing, too. The wonderful app that lets you find people happily willing to lend you their couch for the night. Every single answer I got back was “sorry, we’re booked”

Gulp. Was I really gonna have to get that $109 room?

Noon, check out time. Where the hell am I going to go? “Here’s my key Senior, also do you have a room for tonight?”

“Mmmm, one moment. Yes, umm, 28 US dollars, 32 with the breakfast”. I couldn’t stop smiling. I got the same room, too.

I visited the new school I’m going to work at and it was great. Made some new friends. Very nice people. One of the teachers bought me a drink and showed me around town. I met an amazing woman traveler from New York who had a flight to catch at 10. I also got set up with a family, who I was going to meet the next day. I had mixed feelings.

Well, that next day is here and gone. I can sum it up in three words: Waterfall, beach, volcano.

What wonderful people to take me in (for a reasonable price), feed me, and then surprise me by showing me highlights of their country.

First stop was a waterfall. A small park, it was beautiful. The image is in the first picture of this blog. It was a short stay with some pictures.

The second stop was a beach. It was a little crowded so we didn’t get to stay, but we did have Subway. I got the Subway Costa Rican special, I don’t even know what was on it.

The third stop was a place called Thermo Mania situated next to a volcano and close by a river. That’s significant because the volcano heats the water, and the water from the river is used in the pools available. That means the water is constantly filtered in and out, so the water is ALWAYS clean. Perfecto!!! I found myself going down a water slide, swimming in hot water, losing my mind trying to communicate in Spanish, and enjoying some of the best company Costa Rica has to offer.


Now I’m tired. I’m writing this in bed. It’s my first night in this house. There are stray dogs barking down the street, there is a warm air I’m still not used to, and Pink Floyd’s “Money” is playing out of my iPhone speaker. Tomorrow is another adventure.

That should be the case no matter where you are. Tomorrow is always an adventure.


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