The Fountain of Youth is near Los Angeles


The Fountain of Youth is near Los Angeles. There are also 4 other Fountains of Youth across the globe. How do I know? Blue Zones.

A Blue Zone is a place on Earth which is recognized for their citizens living past 100 years old. These are the people who live the longest, healthiest, and happiest lives in the world. The rate of disease in these places, including cancer, is extremely low. So is their rate of dementia. The 100 year old people I’m talking about are active, passionate, and responsive. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard, personally.

What’s the secret to their long and fulfilling lives? According to multiple studies on each of these regions, these similar traits have been recorded:

  1. A life purpose:
  • A reason to get out of bed in the morning, every morning. Depression is not the answer to a longer life.
  1. Stress reduction:
  • An importance of relaxation and enjoyment!
  1. Only eating what’s needed:
  • Moderation in all things, especially food intake.
  1. A vegetarian based diet:
  • Meat is allowed, but it’s more of a treat. These people love their greens! Everything grown local. Beans and rice too!
  1. Alcohol:
  • Almost always wine, again, in moderation.
  1. Physical activity:
  • Always moving and keeping the body active. Usually done while working.
  1. A fulfilling social life:
  • A few close friends and respectful relationships.
  1. Religion or spirituality:
  • A faith-based approach to life.
  1. Family engagement:
  • A rock solid foundation in family life stretching over generations. This means keeping the seniors active within the family and treasuring them rather than pushing them away.

The pattern I see is a rejection of a stressful life. That means anything that will stress you out, even to the slightest degree. Notice the pursuit of money is not included on the list.

The Blue Zone near Los Angeles is a city called Loma Linda, about an hour away from LA. This is the only Blue Zone in the United States, with residents easily reaching the 90 and 100 year old benchmark. The other Blue Zones? Sardinia, Italy. Ikaria, Greece. Okinawa, Japan. And the one that’s most significant to me, personally, is Nicoya, Costa Rica.

What does this tell you about your way of life? Our way of life? Do you have these traits in your own life? What can you do to make sure you include them? Maybe in time, our communities can become their own Blue Zones, and we’ll all be drinking wine until we’re 110 years old.

Travel to these places to learn more! Don’t forget to limit your stress as much as you can and love the life you live.


John DeSarno


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