Snapshots from a Traveler’s Journal

When traveling, I cannot stress the importance of a little black book.

Every traveler should have one. It’s an amazing place to keep records to look back on.

I have one of these. I’ve taken it on every trip I’ve ever been on, and I’ve limited it to just that. As I get ready for Costa Rica, I’m packing it with my essentials. It’s going right into my pocket, pen included.

Some uses:

Language terms to remember:

Potential towns to sleep in your car depending on the crime rate:

Notes on activities to do or places to stay:

Little messages to your future self about embarrassing moments:

Quick instructions to give your Moroccan Taxi Driver so you can get back to your hotel:

Drafts of love notes written on long and grueling bus rides:

Directions to yourself for those long road trips through the desert with no cell data:

Don’t leave home without it!


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