My new travel blog!

DSC_4353Hi, this is my travel blog. I’m John DeSarno and if you’re reading this you probably know me because you’re the only people I can share this with right now!

Clearly I’m a guy who loves to travel. Why? Is it for luxurious hotels, relaxing days at the beach, and exotic foods? Well, kind of. Coming from a guy who typically sleeps in his car, spends most of his travel time driving to the next location, and eats at the nearest Denny’s location, I wouldn’t say that travel is about the luxury. By the way, never tell anyone from New Jersey that Denny’s is a good diner.

I did mention exotic foods. That’s what I call a new experience, and hopefully an amazing one. That, to me, is what travel is all about. New experiences!! Finding new things, learning about them, and then sharing what you learned about with other people. How would someone from New Jersey know that a camel burger from Morocco actually exists, or a Spanish Flamenco dance is all about passion and longing for love, or Costa Ricans live a lifestyle called “pura vida” which essentially means to relax and enjoy life? Pura vida, by the way, is a common greeting in Costa Rica. It literally means “pure life” but is also used as “what’s up”, because everyone there is so familiar with the term and they’ve all bought into it. They’re one of the happiest nations on the planet by the way…hope I can get there someday!

Living through a new experience and sharing it is what growth is all about; growth as a person, as a human being. That isn’t JUST about travel. It could be about being a parent, or trying a new workout routine, or watching a new movie. Those are all ways to grow. What I think is so special about travel is that the more you do it and the further you go, the more you’ll be challenged. Your entire environment will become a new experience. Sensory overload!! That goes for good things, like a beautiful mountain range and lake in front of you just waiting to be photographed, mediocre things, like waiting for a plane that’s been delayed 5 times, or bad things, like having all of your possessions stolen while backpacking through Brazil on a miserably hot day…hopefully something that won’t happen to any of you.

Anyway, this is going to be a blog about my travels. When I’m not traveling, like right now (unfortunately), it will be about interesting things related to travel, or thoughts that I’m having at the moment. If you’ve noticed, there is a menu bar on the side of the page which includes some pages about my photography and English lessons. For all of you Monmouth County natives reading this right now, especially if you’re from Freehold Boro or Long Branch, you know who to call.

I’ll finish this first entry off with something light…travel, travel, travel! Go out and experience the world! On that next weeklong vacation you get from work, take a flight somewhere for 5 days with someone special! On the next 3 day weekend you get, take a 6 hour road trip and go camping under the stars in Pennsylvania. Next time you’re thinking about how much you need to get out, quit your job and go work for a shady businessman in China making tons of money, just so you can use it to backpack down through Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand.

Hope you found this interesting and I’m looking forward to making this my main hobby.

Peace, love, cheers,

John DeSarno


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